SAVOUR culinary delights

Get ready to dive into a myriad of mouthwatering and unique-tasting dishes with a creative spin on local flavours at Copper Restaurant and Bar. Through the usage of high quality ingredients as well as our culinarians' innovative cooking techniques and expertise, the restaurant offers a variety of cuisines made with the freshest produce derived from the abundance of the land and sea of Malaysia.

This casual upscale restaurant and bar consists of a main dining area which seats up to 30 pax and a private dining room for 10 pax which is ideal for intimate gatherings and events. Natural daylight emanates through the voluminous air well whilst the eccentric collection of designer chandeliers illuminate the space with copper hues by night, creating a warm yet glamorous environment where you can relish every meal.

A complement to the restaurant, the bar serves up specially crafted cocktails, niche spirits and tantalising non-alcoholic beverages. Local elements are infused into every cocktail, all of which are exclusively curated by the renowned Cocktail Professor, an international cocktail consultant.

Flaunting an elegant and contemporary look, the restaurant blends history and modernity. A world of delectable tastes awaits at Copper Restaurant and Bar, with mouthwatering dishes and drinks for your ultimate indulgence.